4 Ways to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing During Quarantine

Many people remain stuck at home because of the coronavirus, ensuring that they’re following quarantine and self-isolation rules. Unfortunately, while all of these are indeed in the best interest of health, being stuck at home can potentially lead to skin issues.

Excessive hand-washing and sanitizing have already caused hands to dry and flare up, and experts trace that it could potentially happen to your face, too. Spending too much time indoors can impact your skin immensely, as a number of factors come into play: change in the environment, restricted airflow, and even a drastic change in diet.

To ensure that your skin remains as healthy and glowing despite the months of isolation, here are five things you must follow:

1 – Continue your SPF routine

You may not be basking in the sun, but your skin needs all the protection it can possibly get. Sun damage comes in a variety of forms, and not just caused by being directly exposed to the sun. those pesky UV rays can break through your windows and affect you; the blue light from those devices you access 24/7 can also be a culprit.

You continuously expose yourself to the development of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines even at home, so keep them at bay by wearing sunscreen. It may feel odd at first, but you’ll be thanking yourself years down the road.

2 – Don’t forget to moisturize

One of the best things you can possibly do for your skin is to stay hydrated in every possible way, which includes investing in a moisturizer. Your constant washing may have sapped your skin of its natural barriers and protective coating, leaving it dry and rough.

Since you’re stuck indoors with not much to do, your skin will likely dry out even faster. Do yourself a favor—dedicate some time and shop for the best moisturizers online! Remember to stick to products that offer natural ingredients, such as coconut oil and vitamin E. Peptides and vitamin C also promote collagen growth, which will help your skin achieve that glow you’ve always wanted.

3 – Incorporate exercise into your routine

The many benefits of exercise are widely-known, and much of it has been linked to good and healthy skin. Sweating it out helps unclog your pores, ensuring that built-up dirt and oil does not penetrate and infect the skin. It also improves your blood circulation, which keeps your skin healthy and bright.

If you can, dedicate 30 minutes a day for regular walks. If it isn’t safe to go out just yet, opt to do exercises at home, particularly in wide spaces like your living room. The key is to make it a permanent part of your routine—the Weekend Warrior workout won’t be doing much here!

4 – Keep the stress away

The pandemic is a tumultuous time. With much anxiety, stress, and fear hovering in the air, scrolling through your social media feed and excessively watching the news won’t be doing much for your skin. Stressing out on things you have little to no control over will only wear you out, eventually affecting you physically.

To combat this, actively push the compulsion to know everything away. Instead, find a way to connect with your friends. Practice meditation and explore new hobbies. Treat yourself to a cup of tea during a bubble bath, making sure that your phone’s away from your reach.

Your Perfect Skin Companion

COVID-19 has changed lives from all over the world drastically. It’s disrupted the normal, brought the economy down, and has claimed countless lives. Although highly inconvenient, staying at home is one of the most crucial ways you can do to help.

As you wait for the discovery of vaccines and treatments, there’s not much to do but keep your body healthy. Part of that is looking and feeling your best, so remember to take good care of your skin!

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