5 Things in Your Beauty Routine You May Be Doing Wrong..

Your beauty routine is supposed to keep your skin healthy and preserve it from the harsh elements it is constantly exposed to. What happens, then, if you are actually doing some counterproductive things in your beauty routine?

Make sure you are actually doing practices that are good for your skin. Watch out for some mistakes that a lot of people make in their daily beauty regimen.

Not Putting Product on the Eyebrow Area

We see people avoiding their eyes when putting on full face cream or masks because a lot of products are considered too harsh to have direct contact with them. However, some individuals tend to go the extra mile on safety and also skip their eyebrow region to be sure.

This area of your face needs to get the same level of cleaning and moisturizing that the rest of the face gets, so don’t skip it. If your products are really made for the face, then they should be just fine on your eyebrows.

Skipping the Facial Toning

This section is more of a significant oversight for older individuals. This needs to be done regularly to help firm up the face and correct any sagging skin. Even younger individuals can benefit from this toning process to make their skin healthy and tight.

Additionally, facial toning devices are used to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. It’s a good combo to use with some anti-aging cream in your routine.

Using Cream Incorrectly

Not using cream is one thing, but it’s a whole new problem when don’t use the right product for your skin type or you apply it incorrectly. The first thing to consider is whether your cream or serum is actually meant for your issues. Make sure you check the ingredients to see if it’s actually targeting your problems and not just a redundant product that only blocks your pores.

You’ll also want to make sure that you never pull the skin when putting product. Gentle pats are crucial, especially in sensitive areas like the eyes.

Scrubbing Your Eyes

Yes, you need to clean your eyes, too. And yes, there are products that need to be lathered on for the full effect. That said, one of the most common bad habits that people have is scrubbing their eyes vigorously. You should not even be rubbing your eyes when you’re cleaning them.

These motions can actually damage your skin and cause dark circles. Plus, it can actually damage the blood vessels under the surface. It can cause much discomfort and hurt the lens of your eye.

Using Just One Thing

Don’t scrimp on your skincare. It’s best to have a reliable line-up of products that will protect and nourish your skin in all aspects. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to overload your routine with a ton of products.

Dermatologists note that a skincare routine needs at least a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen to be effective. If you’re just using one product, you are going below the bare minimum and need to give your skin a better chance.


If you’ve been making these mistakes, don’t fret. You can still switch up your routine to incorporate the right steps. Slowly but surely, making the shift will give your skin time to adjust and will end up benefiting it in the long run.

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