about beauty rehab



We are a group of beauty industry veterans who approach beauty products in a different way than has been done before.

Everyone has beauty needs even if it’s just finding a good soap for bathing. When you want to get clean, you go to the store and buy some soap you like. You wash. Problem solved (at least for a day).

A problem to a solution. Dirty body + soap = clean body. It’s so simple.

But it’s not so simple in the beauty industry. A lot of the claims about beauty products are so vague that it’s hard to understand which products are best for your specific needs. Most people don’t look for beauty supplies for a vague reason. They have a specific need they want to solve.

Men or women, teens or adults, we all have beauty things we want to improve. So why can’t it be as simple as buying soap?

That’s what we at Beauty Rehab want to do. We are a solutions-oriented company that creates products not on vague claims of greater beauty, but for specifically targeting problems that we’ve heard our clients complain about.

what sets us apart?

First, we make products that work. That’s our priority. We rigorously test our ingredients (cruelty-free!) for efficacy before we put them into our products. For instance, many of our members were behind the studies that made apple stem cells all the rage.

Second, we do not cater to any specific gender, race, or age group. We want to make everyone beautiful, not just Caucasian women.

Third, we let our products be the judge and not our ability to be “better” than another brand’s product. This is all too common in the industry. The beauty you’ll get from using our products will speak far more than claims that we’re better than another brand.

our product lines

We are revamping our product lines at the moment, so if you’ve stumbled on this page early check back often for our grand opening! Some of the beauty problems we’re targeting include:

skin care

Industry leading Skin Care products that are for problem specific areas.


hair restoration

Pharmaceutical Grade Hair Restoration products aimed at solutions, not profit.


Effective and long lasting Acne treatments that actually work.

As we’ve mentioned, all of our products will be backed with scientifically-proven ingredients. We’ll have the studies on our site so you can judge for yourself. We feel this honest solutions-oriented approach to beauty is more ethical and more beneficial to our customers. Thank you for visiting our site and we hope that you try one of our products soon.


We don't just slap a label on the products, we actually formulate them ourselves.