Biggest Reasons You’ve Got Swollen Eyes in the Morning

Nothing’s more annoying than having to wake up from a relaxing slumber, only to see your eyes become extra swollen and puffy when you look into the mirror. While this can be alarming, thankfully, swollen eyes can be treated and are usually not considered a big problem.

There is a mountain of reasons you get swollen eyes in the morning—from dealing with allergies to unconsciously rubbing them at night. With that said, many people have been looking for solutions to help remedy this issue, such as using cold spoons to manage the puffiness to using effective products, such as a two-minute instant eye lift cream.

If you’re always dealing with occasionally swollen eyes, it’s worth understanding the reasons and causes to teach you how to manage these issues. So, without further ado, here are some of the reasons your eyes are swollen in the morning:

Reason #1: You Ate Salty Foods the Night Before

One of the biggest reasons you’re waking up in the morning with puffy or swollen eyes is due to excessive salt intake. When you accumulate salt in your system, your body holds on to excess and stores the salt in various connective tissues, such as the area around your eyes or lower lids.

To remedy this, it’s best to decrease your intake of salty foods and keep yourself hydrated to wash away excess salt in your body.

Reason #2: You’ve Had Too Much Alcohol

If you drank too much alcohol the night before, it’d lead to dehydration, causing your eyes to be swollen the next morning. Alcohol causes dilation in the blood vessels, and fluid accumulation can occur in those areas.

Much like eating too much salt, a remedy for this is to keep yourself well-hydrated before going to bed and before you wake up. Additionally, using a two-minute instant eye-lift cream can also help minimize puffiness and dark circles!

Reason #3: You Have Allergies

Eye allergies and seasonal allergies are big contributors to puffy eyes. Allergic reactions often occur when a body’s immune system reacts to foreign substances, like dust or pollen. When this happens, histamine is released in your system, causing blood vessels in the eyes to swell and dilate, leading to fluid as well as itchiness in these areas.

Fortunately, taking over-the-counter allergy medication can help. If it doesn’t, seeking medical assistance right away for an allergy medication prescription can help.

Reason #4: Eye-Rubbing While You Sleep

You unconsciously do stuff while you’re asleep, and one of them can contribute to puffy and swollen eyes—eye-rubbing. Eye-rubbing, while you’re asleep, can irritate the delicate skin around your eyes, causing inflammation and swelling in the area.

To remedy this, avoid rubbing your eyes by putting on a cooling mask and cold compress before going to bed and in the morning. A cold milk compress has an anti-inflammatory effect, helping the skin around your eyes relax and get calmer.

The Bottom Line: There are Different Ways to Treat and Prevent Swollen and Puffy Eyes in the Morning

Isn’t it easy to manage swollen and puffy eyes in the morning? Thanks to this list of tips, you won’t have to worry about dealing with swollen eyes again. From wearing cooling eye masks to applying two-minute instant eye lift cream, all of these can help soothe puffy and swollen morning eyes.

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