Dark Circles & Eye bags. Causes and How to Make Them Go Away

It’s hard to stay in shape and keep ourselves looking as young and attractive as possible when there are too many things that keep us from doing so. Ever so often, we find ourselves staying up to binge-watch movies and TV shows or snacking on chips and pieces of cake, which can have damaging effects. While it’s hard to resist these temptations every now and then, we also have to take care of our bodies.

Building healthy habits to counteract the effects of these hard-to-resist temptations is key to looking and feeling our best. Fortunately, some damages we’ve gotten over the years can be repaired through better habits and a little help. This guide explores the causes of those unsightly under-eye bags and dark circles under the eyes, as well as how to make them go away.

A Look Into Those Dark Circles

Dark circles under the eyes are caused by numerous factors and can vary in appearance depending on your genetics and skin color. These bluish or purple dark circles can be more obviously seen in fairer skin and people with little subcutaneous fat in the lower lid. The color is due to the veins under the skin, and it can be worsened by sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation causes blood to pool up in these veins, causing these dark circles under the eyes.

A Look Into Those Under-eye Bags

The “bags” or pouches under the eyes are caused by fat herniation and loose skin, and they become more apparent as you age. Genetics also play a role in the appearance of these under-eye bags, and you may get them as early as your late 20s or 30s.

Getting Rid of Under-eye Bags and Dark Circles

1 – Good ol’ cold compress

To reduce under-eye bags and dark circles, the help of a cold compress is necessary. You can apply it in the morning and in the evening, for 10 minutes. A cloth mask you keep in the fridge can also help, so long as you keep it clean throughout the week.

2 – The fresh touch of cucumbers

Cucumbers come with a good reputation, most often seen in films and TV shows during relaxing spa days. They work as little cold compresses, specifically targeting the eyes. Imbued with mild natural astringent and skin-lightening properties, reaching for cucumbers will help reduce the darkness and puffiness under your eyes.

3 – The 2-minute Instant Eye Lift

If you’re feeling fancy, Beauty Rehab RX offers the 2-minute instant eye lift, which uses the powerful properties of an anti-wrinkle micro cream that revives your skin. All it takes is two minutes, and you’ll see your skin tighten and lighten, particularly when it comes to those raccoon eyes and pesky under-eye bags.

The Bottom Line

So many people suffer from dark circles and eyebags, but many remain unaware of the causes. Learning how and why they appear helps you understand how to better treat your skin, particularly when it comes to choosing treatments and skincare products. Band-aid solutions like concealers can help reduce their appearance, but these are fleeting and don’t do much in the long term.

As you look for better ways to take care of your eyes, remember that while products can help you go a long way, sometimes you just really need a good night’s rest. It may be your body’s way of telling you to rest, so take the heed and get some shut-eye—but don’t forget those remedies!

Interested in trying out the 2-minute instant eye lift? Beauty Rehab RX certainly has you covered. As a group of beauty veterans, we understand what it means to achieve real beauty. That means approaching problems with plausible solutions, which is exactly what our products do. Discover true beauty with us—browse through our catalog!

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