Debunking 3 Major Myths About Anti-Aging Products..

With time and age, it is natural for skin to lose some of its youthful characteristics. There is very little to be done about the natural aging process—but there are products in the market that can at least help you avoid premature signs of aging.

However, not all outlandish promises made by anti-aging products are true and will be effective for your skin. When looking for what anti-aging creams and serums to use, keep in mind that these products are marketed aggressively for people to buy them.

Try to keep in mind the following myths about anti-aging products to help guide your choices for your skincare routine:

Myth #1: The More Products You Use, The Better

Women who are passionate about skin care will rattle on and on about their 10- to 15-step routine. While that is a routine that they have likely researched thoroughly—and they may have found that it works for them—you don’t have to worry about getting on that level just to maintain healthy skin.

Don’t be intimidated by the miles and miles of products you see in your local drugstore or online shops. When subjected to too many products, sensitive skin can actually become more irritated and damaged. You can start simple with a good cleanser and moisturizer and figure out what’s best for your skin from there.

And if you want to focus on holding off signs of anti-aging, there’s no need to slather a plethora of products on your skin every night. The truth is, UV rays from the sun cause 90% of skin changes associated with aging. Just get a good bottle of sunscreen, and you should be set!

Myth #2: Expensive Products Are Always Better

Expensive, “luxury” skincare products are purposefully marketed toward the 1% of people who can actually afford them and for the other 99% to believe that they are aspirational. All experienced dermatologists will tell you that price never equates to quality.

Besides, not even a $1,000 anti-aging serum will work for everyone who uses it. Skincare products’ efficacy is wide and varied—and it will depend solely on how your skin reacts to it. The important thing is to do your own research about how a specific collection of ingredients will work for your skin type.

You don’t have to break the bank to arrive at a skincare routine that will keep your skin healthy and glowing for decades to come. Beauty Rehab RX’s Anti-Aging Super Regimen is a highly affordable set of products for daily use. This set includes Facial Deep Cleanser, Toner, and the Award Winning Hydrating Facial Cream. This 3-step routine will give you flawless skin:

Step 1: Cleanse – Lather a coin-sized amount of Facial Deep Cleanser between your hands and apply it carefully on your face. Massage it into your skin, all the way down to the neck. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

Step 2: Tone – Pat your face dry with a clean towel and use a cotton pad to apply the Toner.

Step 3: Moisturize – Beauty Rehab’s Hydrating Facial Cream is an award-winning product that will help hydrate your skin.

Myth #3: You Can Skip Sunscreen

If your routine primarily consists of working from home or in an enclosed office, you may think that you can skip sunscreen. Getting just a little bit of sun from an open window is a good thing anyway, right?

Well, yes. Natural light is valuable for your overall mood and physical health. However, most windows and umbrellas will not protect you from harmful UV-B rays from the sun. It may feel strange to apply sunscreen even while indoors, but it’s your best bet to prevent wrinkles and other types of damage brought about by the sun!


Anti-aging skincare products can hold off premature signs of aging on your skin, but don’t believe what the price tag and marketing team tells you. It’s best to keep your routine as simple as possible and to look for products that are effective on your specific skin type.

Are you looking for the best anti-aging products in the market today? Beauty Rehab RX is a group of beauty industry veterans who approach beauty products in a different way than has been done before. We are a solutions-oriented company that creates products backed with scientifically proven ingredients. Get in touch today!

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