Effective Ways to Keep Your Skin Clear From Breakouts

It is often hard to deal with acne, especially if it’s on your face where other people can see it. Even though the breakouts you experience do not affect your health directly, they can take their toll on your emotional health, affect your confidence, and possibly even impact your social life.

Numerous reasons cause acne—and it is different for everyone who has it. Your breakouts could be due to the buildup of dirt and other particles on your skin’s hair follicles, hormonal changes that lead to excess oil production, or the presence of bacteria.

The acne problems you experience appear in various ways, including blackheads, whiteheads, and cysts. Whether you’re experiencing them during your teenage years or once you reach adulthood, they can be triggered by genetics or environmental reasons. If you want to learn ways to control your breakout and prevent acne from affecting your life, keep reading below.

You Should Keep Your Face Clean at All Times

Firstly, to achieve clear skin, you must remember to wash your face twice a day—once when you wake up and the other before you go to bed. For best results, you should use a product that contains benzoyl peroxide to control the inflammation your skin is experiencing and combat the bacteria on your skin that causes acne.

If you put on makeup or sunscreen or regularly, it’s all the more important to make sure you wash all the products off your face in the evening to keep them from building up in your pores. For skin that appears dull, you may want to alternate the product you use with a moisturizing face wash to keep your skin hydrated and free from germs.

You Should Avoid Scrubbing Your Face with a Cloth

Every time you wash your face, you should make it a habit to stick to using your clean hands, from washing your face with water to applying your skincare products. Once you’re done, you should pat your skin with a clean towel and avoid rubbing it on your face.

Even though you’re using a soft fabric towel to wipe your face dry, you shouldn’t rub it on your face because it can aggravate your skin and lead to more acne than before. It’s vital to remain gentle with your skin to guarantee you can control the breakouts from getting worse!

You Should Steer Clear from Exfoliating Products

Besides eliminating the unnecessary practice of scrubbing your face with a towel, you should also avoid utilizing exfoliating products or brushes, for that matter. Despite what TV commercials show, it isn’t made for everyone, primarily those dealing with acne or sensitive skin.

Exfoliating brushes can end up making your acne worse, and that’s the last thing you want. Using it could lead to more inflammation, which causes more acne on your face. Since your goal is to control your breakouts, stick to products aimed at preventing acne instead!

You Should Learn to Maintain a Healthy Diet

The products you use shouldn’t be the only thing you need to focus on when dealing with your acne problems. Your diet plays a huge role in the breakouts you’re experiencing as well—so if you want to look forward to achieving clear skin, you have to make some lifestyle changes.

Start by cutting back on food high in carbohydrates and sugar, as well as dairy. Keeping track of the food you eat using a journal and staying on the lookout for those that tend to trigger your acne is also helpful, so you know what kind of food to avoid to maintain clearer skin.


As with all things, it will take some time and patience to witness the results and start to notice if your new habits are working to eliminate your breakouts. Everyone experiencing acne knows the struggle it involves with finding the perfect products or going through dietary changes. However, you shouldn’t lose hope because it won’t last forever! If you require professional help, you should reach out to a dermatologist for proper guidance.

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