Fact or Fiction_ Busting the Most Popular Skincare Myths..

When it comes to skincare, each person has their routine and beliefs that they follow. Products and ingredients can affect a person’s skin differently. Whatever product may be working for some could cause others to have an adverse reaction.

However, there are many skin care myths out there that people still believe. Some swear by these myths even when proven wrong or with no evidence to back it up. If you are a firm believer in these skincare myths, you may want to re-evaluate what you are doing to your skin, as they may be why you are breaking out.

Myth: Toothpaste Heals Acne

We are unsure where this myth comes from and why people believe it. Applying toothpaste to acne does not dry it out, nor does it make it heal faster. There are no proven ingredients in toothpaste that have been found beneficial to skincare, and applying it to your skin could just cause you to have an even bigger problem.

Myth: You Need to Have a Long Skin Care Routine with Many Products

Some people believe that they need to apply different kinds of serums and creams to their skin to make it better. While some products may benefit others, it is not necessarily the case. The most basic skincare routine you will need is a facial cleanser and a moisturizer.

The more product you apply to your skin, the more chemicals you will be slathering on. If it works for you, then that is great. But if you are doing an intensive skincare routine and are still breaking out, you might want to lessen the number of products you use.

Myth: You Need a Powerful Cleanser

When searching for a cleanser, you do not need to find one that says it will leave your skin feeling squeaky clean. You will also not need one that says you will not be feeling oil on your skin for days.

Having a harsh cleanser may eliminate all kinds of dirt and oil clogged in the pores. However, this cleanser could also be stripping your skin of its natural oils. Strong cleansers would leave your skin dry, and dry skin is a major cause of acne and breakouts. Ideally, you need to go for cleansers that can moisturize your skin and are suitable for sensitive skin, like the Facial Deep Cleanser by Beauty Rehab RX.

Myth: You Need to Get Facials Often

Having a facial done now and then is a good idea. Facials are essential if a dermatologist or a professional skin aesthetician has recommended them to you. However, too many facials could hurt your skin. With the amount of product being used and the pricking, your skin is bound to take some damage.

Myth: You Need to Use Hot Water to Wash Your Face

Higher temperatures are known to open up your pores. When washing your face, some people may recommend steaming first so that you can open up these pores and reach them. However, others would just suggest washing your face with hot water directly.

Do not wash your face with hot water, as you can burn your skin. Aside from the risk of burning your skin, you can also end up drying out your face, which could cause acne. Instead, try to steam first or use lukewarm water.


These myths are common in the beauty world, and some people still believe them. However, many of these myths have been proven wrong. Make sure that you are doing what works for you and what is safe. Beauty is a responsibility, and you need to promote safe beauty habits to others.

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