Here’s Why Moisturizing Matters for Acne-Prone Skin…

In any conversation about acne with skin care experts, the core advice is pretty much the same: moisturizer is key for acne. On the other hand, we’ve all run under the thought that acne is best addressed through the skin drying up. Both sentiments have truthful elements that are incredibly helpful overall.

Acne and Drying Out Skin

Back in the day, drying the skin meant prolonged sun exposure. The acne did end up getting addressed, especially since the sun’s blue light kills bacteria while the red light shrinks sebaceous glands (that’s where excess oil comes from). However, doing it that way also leaves a person very prone to sunburn. Darker complexions of brown or Black will get brown spots and age spots where the acne healed itself.

The concept of drying out skin in order to best address acne is nothing new. If anything, it dates back hundreds of years. There was no huge “a-ha” moment of discovery or detailed reasoning, either; it just seemed to make sense. Pimples ooze when they’re picked at, while blackheads and whiteheads result from backed-up oil in pores. So the prevailing thought of “dry skin will stop acne” has carried on through the years.

Acne and Skin Moisture

People that have acne that flares up through small red pimples on the cheeks, forehead, and nose will find that moisturizer helps to improve it considerably. Whiteheads and blackheads on someone with naturally oily skin can be addressed by using moisturizer sometimes as well. However, moisturizer use is sporadic and depends on the person. In some cases, an alcohol-based moisturizer can worsen acne, especially when the red pimples are widespread on the cheeks and forehead.

Usually, rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) is used to dry up skin, and it works. However, it also triggers an increase in oil production. That’s because when skin is irritated, it releases corticotropin, a stress hormone that leads to histamine, which irritates the skin.

A single moisturizer for the face is key; some parts might just need more than others. When the skin has moisture, pores are opened, preventing blemishes from forming. Some people resort to drying their skin with alcohol. While that’s effective, it also opens up a risk of inflammation. A better way to address this is with the Beauty Rehab Boost Hydration Skin Treatment oil.

Keeping the skin hydrated and supple means there’s enough moisture to combat any oil that could lead pores to clog. Aside from helping skin hydration along and boosting the skin’s collagen production, it also contains vitamins A and E with jojoba and pomegranate. It can be added to whatever the user’s favorite cream is, or on its own as a serum.


Dealing with acne has been a problem for many centuries. Back in the day, people dealt with it through sun exposure, which would dry skin out and address acne, but activate the sebaceous gland instead. Moisturizer is actually a great step in dealing not just with acne, but with oil that could lead to clogged pores as well.

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