How Aloe Vera Can Help You With Your Acne Problems…

Aloe vera is more than just a pretty plant. People have been using this funky little succulent for its medicinal and beautifying purposes for over a thousand years. Egyptians called it the plant of immortality and, rumor has it, their famous queens Cleopatra and Nefertiti used aloe vera in their daily skin care regimen to great effect.

Aloe vera is an alluring alternative to acne remedies you can buy off the shelf. This is especially true if you’ve been burned by pre-formulated stuff before. At least with aloe vera, you have thousands of years of human experience vouching for it. The only way you can have a bad skin reaction with aloe vera is if you’re allergic to it. Do a test patch before applying it on your face if you don’t know if you’re allergic.

The part we use in aloe vera is the watery center of its leaves. This jiggly substance can be kept in its gel-like form or blended into a fluid. There are also tubs of 100% aloe vera available in drug stores. It’s best kept in the fridge, to keep it for longer and to be extra soothing on your face when you apply it. 

How Does Aloe Vera Fight Acne?

With regular use, aloe vera can fight off various skin problems like dryness, eczema, oiliness, and acne. You can use aloe vera as a face mask or as a topical cream on your acne flare-ups. Beauty Rehab RX’s Deep Facial Cleanser is a great choice. But how does it work?

  • Anti-inflammatory

Aloe vera is a natural anti-inflammatory substance. It contains saponin and salicylic acid, two powerhouse compounds that not only fight the bacteria sitting on your skin, but they also fight the inflammation acne causes. This tones down the redness of your flare-ups, making them look less severe.

  • Antibacterial

Bacteria is one of the biggest causes of acne. We already know aloe vera is rocking the power of saponin and salicylic acid to kill bacteria. But, aloe vera has another weapon in its arsenal: polyphenol. Polyphenol is an organic compound that inhibits bacterial growth. Bacteria don’t stand a chance with these aloe veras’ line of defense.

  • Astringent

Aloe vera is an astringent. It helps unclog pores by pulling impurities out from them like acne-causing dirt, leftover makeup, and excess oil. It also dries existing pimples, making them look less visible.

Astringents also cause your skin to tighten up by shrinking your tissues. This results in your pores to also shrink and tighten, making it harder for impurities to come in and clog them up next time.

  • Reduces Scarring

It heals, it cleans, it defends, and it reduces. Aloe vera is like the type A gal of plant-based skincare: she can do it all. After doing all that heavy lifting of preventing acne and fighting off current acne, aloe vera will reduce scars caused by acne. It’ll be as if those blemishes never disturbed your face at all.


Aloe vera is a beautiful and wondrous plant. It’s been tried and tested by both our ancient ancestors and modern scientists. It’s easy to use. And, unlike most modern skin care products, you can’t overdo it. If you’re having acne issues and want to avoid harsh treatments, give it a shot.

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