Keep an Eye Out for This Age-Defying Cream Routine

Beauty industry enthusiasts will know that the first signs of aging occur around the eye. With skin thinner and more sensitive than on the rest of your face, under-eye bags become prominent and start to sag. If you’re shopping around for an instant under-eye lift, you must first know the anatomy of revolutionary eye cream.

Ingredients to Look Out For

When lining up your eye cream contenders, don’t just zero in on attractive buzzwords. “Age-defying” and “overnight miracle” may sound promising, but the product’s ingredients tell a bigger story. Do-it-all eye cream should include:

● Antioxidants, to protect your eyes from sun damage, pollution, stress, and a lack of sleep
● Retinoids, which stimulate cell turnover
● Peptides, to increase elastin and promote collagen production
● Arnica, caffeine, and vitamin K, to increase circulation and reduce swelling within the blood vessels
● Hyaluronic acid and shea butter, to hydrate the eye and seal in moisture to prevent fine lines

How to Properly Apply Eye Cream

  1. Apply a pea-sized amount of the product onto your finger. Eye creams can be very potent, so you won’t want to overdo it.
  2. Using your ring finger, which has the lightest touch among the rest of your fingers, gently dot your eye’s inner corner, working your way up to the brow bone. Follow a semi-circle pattern to stimulate blood circulation until your skin fully absorbs the product. Be thoughtful not to stretch or pull your skin and avoid getting too close to the eye to prevent irritation.
  3. If you’re heading out for the day, wait at least 90 seconds before applying your makeup or other skincare products. This grace period will allow your under-eye area to absorb the cream fully.

Secret Eye Cream Tips

The eye area is a beauty routine minefield for off-putting terms such as “paper-thin” and “fragile.” However, working in your favorite products to your advantage is easier than you think with the following tips.

● Tip and dab: As a general rule, you don’t want to be as heavy-handed with your eye cream as your moisturizer or sunscreen. Use your ring fingertips to dab in a sideways motion along the tops and bottoms of your eyelids. Never pull or rub on delicate areas.
● Order in the court: A typical skin care routine occurs in stages or phases. You should aim to get the skin to absorb every product thoroughly—start with the lightest skin care product, working your way up to the heaviest. Some eye creams are thicker and denser than serums or moisturizers. If so, apply it afterward.
● Time of day: When it comes to how often you should be using your eye cream, apply it every morning after waking and every night before you go to bed. Always apply your cream on a fresh base, after cleansing and toning.


Gentle but hardworking eye cream should do the trick to reduce puffiness and prevent crow’s feet. For a refreshed look, always couple your skincare routine with healthy habits and a balanced diet.

With Beauty Rehab RX products, you can achieve a youthful glow in just a matter of weeks. Our carefully concocted eye creams, anti-aging creams, and face masks make for the perfect addition to your skincare family. With us, aging backward is a treat!

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