Skincare 101_ Why Serums Are Needed In Your Regimen.

People who are religious about their skincare routines will never get tired of advising others to wash their face twice every day—in the morning and at night. They will remind you to take off your makeup, moisturize daily, and apply sunscreen regardless if you go out of your house or not.

Besides having a reliable facial wash, toner, and moisturizer, skincare enthusiasts also recommend utilizing a serum in your everyday routine. It can provide significant results because it aims to target your pores, dark spots, and other flaws. If you’re currently struggling to eliminate your skin imperfections, keep reading below to find out the wonders of including a serum to complete your skincare routine.

It Targets the Right Spots

A serum is considered a holy grail by people who swear by the product. It is made of the highest concentration of active ingredients you need for your face to achieve its best state. If you look at facial cleansers and moisturizers, you will notice that they contain five to ten percent active formulas. Meanwhile, the best serums contain up to seventy percent!

You can expect results with a consistent application, from which you will notice your skin tone becoming more even, and your fine lines and dark spots disappearing over time.

It Works for All Skin Types

People who have been treating sensitive skin that tend to break out when they use the wrong products will require a professional’s help to take care of their situation. At the same time, they will have to be wary about the products they apply on their faces, avoiding those that contain mineral oil and petroleum.

Since serums are created to accommodate all skin types, you don’t have to worry about unwanted acne or skin spots occurring after introducing a new product to your routine! A typical serum contains active ingredients that, when applied, work their way down to the deeper layers of your skin to help you achieve the best results.

It Prevents Breakouts

Serums are perfect for people who continuously battle acne and other skin flaws that you’ve tried tirelessly to get rid of. Compared to moisturizers that can impact your pores and cause more skin imperfections, serums are water-based and will not clog your skin.

If you apply the serum on your face first before putting on your moisturizer as your last step, your skin will absorb the effects of the serum much better. As a result, you can continue using your moisturizer without worrying about any blockage happening in your skin.

It Reduces Your Oily Complexion

It’s normal to experience having oily skin, especially if you’re outdoors or you’re living in an area that has a temperate climate. Since you can’t control your oil production, you might skip your moisturizer to prevent producing more grease.

But if you get rid of your moisturizer, your skin will still be affected and lead to more oil than ever. Thanks to an anti-aging serum, the product works to keep your skin hydrated without worrying about being too oily ever again.


You can only say that your skincare routine contains the right products if they maintain the excellent condition of your skin without you experiencing breakouts and other skin flaws. But if you feel like you lack something, adding a serum to your regimen may be just what you need, as it targets the right spots, works for all skin types, prevents breakouts, and reduces oil production.

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