The Dos and Don’ts Of Facial Cleansers

In the never-ending quest for beauty, the market is filled with countless products that attempt to become the next magical solution. While most of these products indeed work, it’s important to look back and remember what matters the most—the foundation of your skincare regimens, which are your choice of cleansers.

Facial cleansers are made with only a single function in mind—to clean. They get rid of dirt, oil, bacteria, debris, and even makeup on your skin. Although similar at the core, keep in mind that not all cleansers are made equal. You’ll need to find one that works best for your skin type, as this will set the tone for the rest of your regimen.

To help make sure you’re getting your facial cleanser right, we’ve curated this quick and easy guide to follow. Without further ado, here are the dos and don’ts of facial cleansers:

The Dos

1 – Use one that’s made for your skin type

Although most companies will tell you that their products are suitable for all skin types, keep in mind that all skin isn’t universal. Your skin requires a unique set of routines, one that ensures your skin is properly taken care of. Cleansers are a staple, used in the morning and evening to keep you fresh. It only follows that you choose one that goes well with your skin—be it oil, normal, dry, or a combination.

2 – Use a moisturizer right after cleansing

Immediately after cleansing, you’ll want to grab your moisturizer and dab it onto your face. It’s important to seal in the hydration you’ve received from your cleanser and the water—within a minute. After this window, your skin will start to dehydrate, especially since the air around you will begin to attract moisture out of your skin.

After sealing the hydration with a moisturizer, make sure to perform the rest of your skincare regimen quickly. Doing so allows your skin to become better protected, eliminating any tightness that may cause damage to your skin.

The Ultimate Don’t

Never use a cleanser that leaves your skin feeling tight

Most cleansers are made with sodium lauryl sulfate, which are surfactants. These are cleansing agents, but they do more than just clean your skin—they cut natural oil, leaving your face too exposed. Simply put, they’re harsh, and prolonged use can suck all moisture away from your skin.

Keep in mind that since cleansing is deemed as the most important part of your skincare regimen, it only follows that you use sulfate-free facial cleansers. Beauty Rehab’s Deep Facial Cleanser should be on your list, made with thoughtful ingredients that do not necessitate sulfate for a thorough cleanse.

The Bottom Line

From everything said and gathered, we deduce one simple fact: choose your cleanser carefully. While it’s important to invest in the best type of moisturizers, you’ll also want to consider splurging on your next facial cleanser. Easy to overlook, but making the switch can help transform your skin unlike any other product. Remember—stay away from harsh products!

For the best hydrating facial cleanser, Beauty Rehab RX has you covered. As a team of beauty industry veterans, we’ve come up with solutions that ensure the best results for your skin. We mix science with beauty—shop your new favorite products today!

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