What Are Some Key Ways to Treat Under Eye Circles

Few things add a damper to waking up in the morning than looking in the mirror and seeing tired eyes. Under eye circles can happen due to a number of reasons. Some people say it’s just a matter of aging, but it can also stem from the likes of sun damage to the face or even genetics. Dealing with their underlying causes may be tricky, but it’s possible for the shadows to be lightened.

How Dark Circles Come About

There are a number of reasons you might have under eye circles and shadows. Genetics and aging can cause it, as your skin loses elasticity with time. In turn, this results in hollows under the eyes, creating shadows and dark circles. Over time, skin will lose fat and collagen, which gives it elasticity. A genetic predisposition to dark pigmentation around the eyes can also be a factor.

Common triggers for dark circles under a person’s eyes include:

  • Allergies
  • Dehydration
  • Diet
  • Fatigue
  • Sun damage

Here are key ways to manage triggers and treat under eye circles:

Be Sure You Get Proper Sleep

Dark circles aren’t triggered by sleep deprivation. However, it can lead skin to get paler, making shadows more apparent. A person’s complexion will improve with proper sleep. That will help the circles to fade away.

Keep Hydrated

Water is a key ingredient for fighting under-eye circles. Sometimes, not getting enough water can result in water retention and puffiness, making you look and feel tired; drinking too much alcohol or eating too much salt can also cause this issue. By drinking water on a regular basis and avoiding excess salt and alcohol, you can fight water retention and under-eye circles naturally.

Make Use of Sunscreen

As previously mentioned, sun damage can lead under eyes to have extra pigmentation. Dermatologists recommend a daily moisturizer with a sunscreen whose spectrum is quite wide. In terms of SPF, 30 or higher is ideal.

Use Extra Pillows

Be sure to use a pillow or two during sleep. Head elevation will go a long way into keeping fluid from pooling under the eyelids. That way, swelling and puffiness can be prevented.

Use the Right Skin Products

When it comes to addressing under eye circles, dermatologists strongly suggest the Vitamin A Derivative retinoids. Aside from helping to fill in wrinkles and fine lines, they also help dermal collagen to build. Stimulation of new blood vessels also occurs. Key elements of helpful eye creams include glycerin, Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, cyclomethicone, peptides and so much more.

Products like Beauty Rehab’s 2 Minute Eye Lift Platinum Series are a great way to get retinoids that will address the problem. The 2 Minute Instant Eye Lift is a strong micro-cream that’s anti-wrinkle but also revives the skin while minimizing pores and fine lines.


Under eye circles are problematic and can lead a person to look tired. Underlying causes like genetics or aging are tough to address. However, the shadows themselves can be lightened through proper sleep, gently removing makeup and using the right skin products.

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