When You Wash Your Face- Follow These Foolproof Guidelines!

Cleaning one’s face takes quite a bit of time, even if it’s just the most basic steps of initial wetness, soaping/lathering and rinsing. The amount of time you spend on cleansing your face may be less important than how you do it. Especially since it could mean all the difference between an acne breakout and practically glowing skin.

A key starting point is this: no matter what the current condition of a person is, their skin texture and type, cleansing routines are especially crucial at night. Taking away the dirt, grime and makeup is a necessary step for skin to be prepped before a skincare regimen is set in place. It’s also a major factor in skin regeneration and renewal overnight.

Here are some foolproof guidelines to follow when it comes to cleansing your face:

WHEN CLEANSING YOUR FACE, YOU MUST: Remove all your makeup properly before anything else

It’s important to use a makeup remover that’s gentle. This is the only way the job can be accomplished before any cleansing actually happens, mainly at night. Since toxins are purged through the pores overnight, leaving them clogged creates an unsightly backlog. This applies no matter what skin type you have, even with an outer layer that’s more resilient than most.

The double cleansing method will go a long way when it comes to addressing clogged pores. It’s a two-step routine that makes use of natural oils to remove the day’s dirt, followed by a mild face wash for the oil to be washed away. Some of these oils include caster, olive and sunflower.

In order for makeup around the eyes to be removed thoroughly, use a cotton swab dipped into makeup remover, natural oils or micellar water. This is ideal for handling tightly lined areas without the skin being tugged on considerably.

Other must-dos include:

  • Taking a chance on micellar water
  • Using lukewarm water


Bar soaps usually alter the skin’s pH balance, leaving more room for yeast growth and bacteria. While it’s true that there are those specially formulated for use on the face, it’s ideal to just not use any bar soap altogether. Instead, cleansing balms and facial cleansers are ideal; they’re particularly made for delicate skin.

While people tend to seek foaming facial cleansers, that’s not the best route to take either. This is because natural oils are generally stripped off from the skin by those products, rendering them somewhat counterproductive.

A good rule of thumb is to use facial cleansers that afford helpful hydration. Beauty Rehab’s Hydrating Facial cream achieves just that, thanks to how lightweight it is. It has a whipped formula that affords up to eight hours of hydration, while refining the look of pores and textures alike.

Other must-not guidelines include:

  • Going straight for the washcloth (bad idea)
  • Go “tool crazy” (more harmful than helpful)


Few things are more important than properly washing one’s face. It’s important to keep vital guidelines in mind such as removing makeup before anything else and using a gentle facial cleanser. On the other hand, bar generic soap should not be an option.

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