Winter’s Around the Corner. Here Are Tips for Acne Skin Care..

Winter is just around the corner. As anyone and everyone that deals with acne know, this can be a wild time for the skin. Actually, whether or not a person has acne, they’ll need to take extra precautions for their skin during winter anyway! That’s because moisture in the skin is constantly lost between the wind, cold weather, and dry air indoors.

Many acne-fighting products are already drying by default, and medications follow the same logic. All of that will end in discomfort and unpleasantness: peeling, itching, and flaking.

Read on to learn more about acne skin care when it comes to battling winter weather’s effects:

Stay Moisturized

Be sure that no matter what moisturizer is in use, you don’t slather it on like cement on bricks. Acne-prone skin won’t end up with clogged pores if the right moisturizer is in place. A lotion or gel will go a long way, and they’re lighter than balms or creams.

Switch Out Your Cleanser

If this were a case of getting excess oil out of the way, foaming cleansers are great! It doesn’t matter whether it’s in the form of bar soap or liquid washes. Warm weather makes skin oily and sweaty, so this is an ideal way of going about things.

What worked well for your skin in the summer will not do so well in the colder winter months. The second you deal with dry, tight skin after you go about your cleansing routine, changing things up is in order. Particularly, you need to find a cleanser that is milder than whatever it is you’re already using. In that case, try Beauty Rehab RX’s Deep Facial Cleanser!

A cream cleanser or a non-foaming wash will do the trick for wintertime. Cleansers that are gentle and unmedicated will go a long way. It doesn’t have to be a permanent switch: when the weather starts to warm, and snowy skies give way to the sun, you can change cleansers again.

Wash Less

Sometimes, switching out cleansers just isn’t enough. In that case, it’s important for other factors to be considered: like the frequency of cleansing in the first place. Basically, wash your face less than you normally would. It’s understandable to feel the need to do constant face washing given the presence of acne (or body washing, if the breakouts are on the body). However, the skin can be dried out by excess cleansing.

If your skin feels dry, even cleaning more than once a day can be a lot. Once a day can be more than enough during these times, primarily at night. That way, oil, sweat, grime, and any makeup that builds up during the day can be well out of the way.

Limiting the use of soap on the body if the skin there is drying out will also help.


Taking care of skin during winter is tough enough, but when it’s acne-prone, that’s a whole new level. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to keep acne-prone skin healthy during the cold winter. Wash less, stay moisturized, and switch out your cleanser.

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